Scotland Community Church
Scotland, South Dakota
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Our Story
It's all about merging our faith with Jesus and each other.
Tyndall German Congregational Church
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Window above chancel area
Rear Sanctuary
Side Sanctuary windows to the west
Overflow Room
The Tyndall German Congregational Church building as it looked after it was constructed during the
pastorate of Rev. John Sattler in 1897 and as it appears today.  The building was sold to a Baptist church
in 1927 when the German Congregationalists united with the
Neuburg German Congregational Church.  
The Baptist Church closed  its doors around 2005.  The building has been vacant ever since.
Rev. John Sattler
Alpha and Omega windows located in
the Overflow Room
Windows in Pastor's Study
Side Sanctuary
Window in
The graves of Rev. John Sattler and his wife,
Paulina, located in the Tyndall Cemetery
Rev. John &
Paulina Sattler
August 1900
Paulina Sattler
Quilt made by Paulina
Sattler in 1888